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NP-250 Series Tablet Press
NP-250 Series Tablet Press

NP-250 Series Tablet Press

The Natoli NP-250 Series tablet press is a reliable, affordable tablet press designed to compress pharmaceutical, nutritional, veterinary, confectionery, and industrial tablets.

Press Features:

  • Electroless nickel plating above die table
  • Lexan® turret guards
  • Turret mounted with upper and lower tapered bearings
  • Hardened steel die table
  • Machine pallet with anti-vibration leveling pads
  • Adjustable upper punch penetration
  • 10 tons of compression force
  • Clutchless variable frequency drive
  • Digital TPM gauge
  • Complete spare parts inventory

NP-250 Series Tablet Press Specifications

Number of Stations
Tooling Size
11/4" (31.75mm)
1" (25.4mm)
1" (25.4mm)
Tablets per Minute
Max. Tablet Diameter 13/16" (30.2mm)
15/16" (23.8mm)
15/16" (23.8mm)
Depth of Fill 1/8 – 11/16" (3.8 – 27mm)
13/16" (20.6mm)
13/16" (20.6mm)
Max. Operating Pressure 10t 10t 10t
Electrical Service as required as required as required
7.5 hp @ 1,800 r.p.m.
7.5 hp @ 1,800 r.p.m.
7.5 hp @ 1,800 r.p.m.

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