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Natoli Engineering Steel Preparation Facility
Natoli Steel Preparation Facility
Tool Steel Inventory
Steel Inventory

This web-cast briefly shows Natoli's incoming steel quality control procedures. Natoli's steel quality control procedures are designed to maximize tool life and are regarded as the best in the industry.


For our protection as well as yours, Natoli inventories a one-year supply of over 16 different grades of tool steel at our on-site facility. Possessing the largest steel selection in the industry allows us to customize your tooling to meet the exact requirements of your products and process.

Common Natoli Steel* Materials
Type Grade Description Application
Standard S1, S7 Punches General-purpose shock steels.
Standard 408 Punches Preferred general-purpose steel.
Improved flexibility and more elasticity than "S" grade.
Standard A2, D3 Dies General-purpose, wear resistant steels.
Premium A2, D2 Punches High-carbon, high chrome steels.
Great wear resistance with common granulations.
Stainless Steel 440C Punches Natoli Stainless grade, corrosion resistant.
Great for product release.

*Natoli also provides a variety of special and exotic steels, materials, coatings and treatments to protect tooling against deterioration from abrasive materials. Please view Tool Options to learn more.
Learn how to select the right steel type.

Have one of Natoli's knowledgeable customer service representatives give you guidance on tooling special coatings and treatments. Please feel free to contact us or call 636.926.8900 at any time to discuss your specific needs.

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