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Tableting Specification Manual
Tableting Specification Manual

Natoli accommodates both standards of "B" and "D" tooling configurations used in today's International market: the American standard known as the TSM standard and the European standard known as the EU or Euronorm standard.

TSM and EU tooling standards were established in the industry to provide a structure that protects companies tooling investments while maintaining established processes and procedures. TSM and EU configurations are very similar to each other but cannot be interchanged.

U.S. TSM Standards

TSM standards are the sole reference on U.S. manufacturing specifications for tablets and tablet tooling. Established by the American Pharmacist Association (APhA), TSM is the only published standards for the tablet compression industry.

European EU Standards

EU, or Euronorm standard tool configurations are not published or governed by an organization or association. The EU standard is the most common tooling configuration used outside the U.S.

Differences Between TSM & EU Tooling Configurations

  • The TSM punch head configurations have an angled top profile versus the domed head profile of EU
  • The TSM punch inside head angle for "B" punches is 37° compared to the EU, which is 30°
  • Overall head thickness is greater in both "B" and "D" configurations for the TSM in comparison to the EU
  • The overall punch length of the TSM tool is 0.010 inches shorter than the EU

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