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Laser Vision System (LVS)

The Laser Vision System (LVS) automatically magnifies, measures and collects critical punch inspection measurements of your entire tooling inventory and stores the data in the user-friendly, comprehensive Tool Management-II (TM-II) tooling database.

LVS Punch Inspection Device Top Features:

The LVS device maintains all the features from TM-II software plus the list below.

LVS Inspection device interface
The LVS device features modern dual laser technology to ensure accurate inspections by measuring the critical punch dimensions.

Minimize possible tool damage
Non-contact laser measurements eliminate the risk of punch tip damage from handling or scratches and speeds up the inspection process by recording real-time measurements.

Reduce cycle time
A button is pressed to activate the laser, the measurements are collected and recorded instantly into the TM-II database. Cycle time is reduced by automatically storing only critical tooling dimensions directly into the database.

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LVS Image Gallery

  • Laser Vision System (LVS)
  • Multi-Tip Punch Inspection with the LVS
  • Magnified Real-Time Video of Punch Tip
  • Touchscreen Monitor Screenshot

Watch the LVS Video         

This web-cast video briefly shows how Natoli's TM-II Laser Vision System (LVS) device is the most powerful punch inspection and tool control system available.

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