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Inspection LVS-100

Natoli's TM-II is the most efficient software available to manage your entire tool database.

Designed to help tablet manufacturers improve product quality and consistency, TM-II organizes critical punch inspection dimensions through a user-friendly, comprehensive tooling database.

Combine TM–II with Natoli's laser vision system (LVS) punch inspection device to get the most powerful punch inspection and tool control device available. Learn More.

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TM-II Top Features:

Comprehensive tooling database
Discover how to maintain complete tool control by using TM-II's database. Track and access a multitude of comprehensive reports on tooling information related to inspections, measurements, purchase orders, drawings, steel type, machine type and more. On-screen viewing capabilities allows easy access to view or save tooling and tablet drawing.

Increase production and minimize downtime
Boost tablet manufacturing by effectively tracking tool usage. The ability to track tool usage results in the use of higher quality tools and helps prevent the use of bad tools that cause tablet press breakdowns.

Update and organize tool sets
Save time by updating an entire set of tools at one time. Organize tool sets according to the products/tablets they produce.

Enhance Record Keeping
Quickly access details and reports on tool usage history, machine press used, lot number, date, quantity, comments and much more. All reports are prepared to meet FDA requirements and can be easily located through a tool query.

Accommodate multi-tip punches
Optional multi-tip capability easily inspects and tracks your multi-tip tooling by tracking the critical dimensions of each tip on a multi-tip punch.

CFR Part 11 Compliant
TM-II provides a complete system to help you achieve Part 11 compliance. This System includes a validation package, database security, electronic audits and more.

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