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Tooling Storage Box
Tooling Storage Box — Affordable and Effective

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Tooling Storage Like Never Before!

Get more for your money with Natoli Engineering's new Tooling Storage Box – the best option for storing punches and dies. Now you can transfer, clean and store your valuable tablet compression tooling while safely secured in a convenient, versatile storage box.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-lightweight, heavy-duty, and FDA-compliant propylene construction.
  • Removable trays have molded keyways and guides to prevent damage to your tablet compression tooling and allow for effortless tool transfers.
  • New trays have an improved draining system that allows excess water and oil to escape, preventing rust and water spots on punches and dies.
  • Unlike other boxes, the secure-fit lid allows for stacking of multiple boxes, maximizing storage space.
  • Optional stainless steel Handle and Leg Kit allows you to use the tooling tray separate from the box without compromising tool safety, and can be used in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning units and other applications.

Tooling Storage Box Image Gallery

  • New Tooling Storage Box.
  • Optional leg kit allows tray to stand alone.
  • Removable tray lifts easily from box.
  • Safely transfer tools into ultrasonic cleaning units.
  • Secure lids allow for safe stacking.
  • "D" die seated in angled tray allows water/oil to run off.
  • Drainage slots prevent water/oil from settling.
  • "D" punch nested in keyed tray for extra stability.
  • "B" die seated in angled tray allowing water/oil to run off.
  • "B" punch nested in keyed tray for extra stability.

Tooling Storage Box Specifications

  • Box dimensions: 17.875" L x 10.5" W x 7.375" H (454.025mm x 266.7mm x 187.325mm)
  • "B" Tooling Tray holds 72 "B" Punches and 38 "B" Dies (OR 48 "BB" Dies)
  • "D" Tooling Tray holds 48 "D" Punches and 24 "D" Dies

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